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School Information


OFFICE HOURS - 8:15am - 3:45pm  Monday - Friday (School days only)



2020 Term Dates:

Term 1           Wednesday 5th February   -   Thursday 9th April     

EASTER BREAK      Friday 25th March    -    Tuesday 29th March

Term 2           Monday 27th April   -   Friday 3rd July                       

Term 3           Monday 20th July   -   Friday 25th September            

Term 4           Monday 12th October   -   Thursday 17th December   



St. Marys District School’s aim is to develop successful, skilled and innovative Tasmanians.
St Marys District School is a medium sized K -10 school located at the Eastern end of the Fingal Valley.  Students attend St Marys from a diverse and geographically dispersed area.  Our school community consists of a number of small rural and coastal communities, each with their own unique identity. 
Staff at St Marys District School are committed to an inclusive school that caters for the needs of our local community.
Building and maintaining supportive and long term relationships between all school community members is recognised as the most outstanding quality of the school. Students highlight how important it is to be able to talk openly with staff. Teachers value these relationships as a means to support the best learning outcomes for students.
Treating everyone as individuals.
Students affirm that what makes a difference is that they are recognised and treated as an individual and programs are tailored to meet their specific needs.
·         Successful individualised learning is achieved through:
·         intervention programs for students at risk K -10
·         a broad range of flexible learning options
·         extension programs for the highest level of achievement
Professional Learning.
Staff at St Marys contribute to and highly value a vibrant professional learning community characterised by:
  • Sharing best practice through collaboration and team planning opportunities.
  • Equitable access to quality professional experiences.
·     A focus on the Australian Curriculum.         

Retention and Life Long Learning.
Students are supported in developing meaningful pathways beyond grade ten. Education and life long learning opportunities are highly valued and open to a wide range of community members. The Trade Training Centre facilitates increased access, participation and retention at the highest level.
Community Links.
Our goal is that the school becomes a vital component in the life of the community. The involvement of families and community members is welcomed and valued.
We believe St Marys District School is a special place catering for students from Kindergarten to year 12.  We see continuity K-12 as a major priority.  Promoting early years learning is seen as high priority in education at St Marys District School.
The school is fortunate to have an excellent teaching staff who work well together.  Student behaviour is generally of a very high standard and teacher student relationships are close and friendly.  We aim to form one staff K-10 who are unified in our common desire for educational excellence.
PRINCIPAL:                                                                       Mrs Carolyn Watson
ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL                                        Miss Ros Smith
GRADE SUPERVISORS:              AST  K-2                 Ms Sandra Cook
                                                                    AST  3-8                  Mrs Lynette Yodgee
                                                                    AST 9-10                 Miss Lucie Ellis
                                                                    AST 11-12               Mrs Mandy Simmons
SCHOOL EXECUTIVE OFFICER:                       Mrs Lisa Bean
                                                                                                   Miss Janine Burt
CLERKS:                                                                               Mrs Heather Gillies
                                                                                                    Mrs Sharlene Ridler-Mason
Guidance Officer                                         Jason Thomas
Social Worker                                            Di Hamilton
Speech Therapist                                         Jane Mueller 


The kindergarten to grade 6 section of our school is made up of straight and composite classes.  We have approximately 180 students across 9 classes.   There is an emphasis on small classes in the early childhood area.
Some features of the primary programme include:
·         Being able to provide additional staff in all primary classrooms to facilitate learning in literacy at key times in the week. 
·         Assemblies - This is an opportunity for students to showcase their talents and achievements to both their peers, parents and community members.
·         Specialist Lessons – Students in kinder to grade 6 have the benefit of attending weekly specialist lessons in health and physical education, music, library.  All classes are timetabled for ICT (computing) lessons during the week.
·         East North East sports – Students from grade 3 – 6 have the opportunity to compete with students from other schools to both represent St Marys and the East Coast.  Carnivals include: swimming, cross country, athletics, football, cricket, soccer, netball and other informal activities.
Birth – 5 Programs
·         Launching into Learning
·         Stepping Stones – This pre kinder programme is designed to assist the transition into kindergarten for the following year.
·         L.I.F.T.
·         The Lower Secondary Section at St Marys District School is designed to cater for the needs of students as young adolescents.  We foster a caring and supportive environment in which students are encouraged to reach their full potential.
·         The philosophy of the 7 to 8 staff is to cultivate positive relationships with students.  Students in the 7/8 area are taught core subjects by a small team of teachers. Students remain in their own classroom for all of these subjects. Specialist teachers teach Science, Health and Physical Education and the extended curriculum. 
·         One of the objectives of the 7 to 8 teaching team is to provide an engaging and relevant curriculum that develops young adolescents’ skills, growing independence, self-esteem, creativity, adaptability and resilience.
 The Australian Curriculum structure has been carefully constructed to target this objective:
·         Literacy and Numeracy: 200 minutes minimum for each of these learning areas and they are timetabled in the morning block for critical learning.
  1. Options:  Will be determined be student numbers and interest. Students will choose from each of: full year, term and 6 week option lines. Option courses encompass:
*    The Arts (Speech & Drama, Art, Music and Dance)
                  *    Technology (Multi Media, Foods, Applied Design, and ICT)
                  *    Extension Programs (Maths, Literacy, Science, HPE and LOTE)
*    Enrichment Programs (Student Leadership, Career Planning, Farm and Community Projects)
The philosophy of the grade 9-10 staff is to foster positive relationships with students.  Once these positive relationships are established, learning outcomes will be enhanced.  Staff in the 9 - 10 area have an emphasis on providing opportunities for students to succeed and innovative programmes which encourage problem solving and motivation. 
Students are encouraged to become role models for younger students in the school, to be active citizens and to be critical thinkers.  Students’ individual needs are catered for by providing flexible programmes and extension activities as well as opportunities to showcase their talents on a wider stage.  
·         Integrated Curriculum – The learning areas of History & Geography and Science have been combined, utilizing the language of Maths and English to investigate issues facing today’s society and to become informed citizens.
·         Literacy and Numeracy – These are taught in a skills-based style to be built upon in integrated learning.   A minimum of 200 minutes are dedicated to each of these crucial learning areas.
·         Future Pathways – Dedicated to developing skills and knowledge which will enable students to develop a map for their futures.  Some time in this day is set aside for small groups to work with a staff member on developing portfolios of work to present at parent teacher interviews.  This day will include learning in the areas of            
            -           Vocational learning    
                                    -           First aid          
                                    -           Driver Education       
                                    -           Community based learning    
                                    -           Work experience      
·         Options – there will be two option lines running in the 9/10 area.  Students will be able to choose a year option and four term options.