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Information for Parents

Documents that are relevant for parents and carers.


 Parent Information

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ST MARYS DISTRICT SCHOOL uniform policy 2016.pdf
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All state schools record each child’s attendance on computer.  In accordance with school policy, parents are required to explain all absences either with a note, phone call or personally to the teacher. Parents may also notify the school of absences via the SMS system on 0419 487 425 or the tiqbiz app ( Please refer to document above.  The School will provide absence feedback to parents via the SMS system. 
When you enrol your child, you are asked to provide medical emergency information, so that if your child is injured or becomes ill at school, we know what action you want to be taken and where you can be contacted.  The school has a number of trained first-aid officers to deal with minor problems.  For major problems we take whatever action you have outlined on the medical emergency card.  We urge you to keep this information up to date.      

The enrolment procedure for Tasmanian Government schools has recently changed.  As this is a lengthy process, if you wish to enrol your child at St Marys District School, please contact us on (03) 63723900 to arrange an appointment. 
At this time, you may be shown around our school, complete the appropriate enrolment paperwork, meet your child’s teacher if possible, as well as try uniforms, and have any questions that you may have answered. 
(Students new to the Tasmanian Education System) If you are enrolling your child into the Tasmanian Government Education System for the first time, you will be required to provide proof of the child’s identity and age when completing the enrolment form.    More information regarding the new enrolment form can be found in the Department of Education brochure “Your Guide to The New Enrolment Form”. 
(Students Transferring between Government Schools)  If the student moves to another Tasmanian government school or continues on to high school or college, a new enrolment form does not need to be completed.  The student’s details will be forwarded to the new school.  When enrolling your child at St Marys District School, you will be asked to verify the student’s details, by completing a Student Information Validation Form, informing us of any address or other personal information changes as well as informing us of any medical conditions and medication requirements.  More information can be found in the Department of Education brochure “Your Guide to The Annual Validation Form”.    
Parents are always welcome at the school and we encourage you to become involved in your child’s education.  Appointments can be made with any teacher or grade supervisor whenever a parent sees the need to do so.  The Principal, Assistant Principals and other senior staff are available to discuss any concerns you may have. 
Parent helpers in classrooms are welcome.  All voluntary helpers are asked to register their details at the school office at the beginning of each school year.   Appointments with the staff member you wish to see should be made through the office to give full benefit from interviews or visits.

The Commonwealth Bank provides a banking service for students every Tuesday.  Primary students should give their books to their class teachers, while secondary students should hand theirs to the office before school
Students may ride bikes to and from school providing they wear a helmet.  They are expected to ride sensibly and obey all traffic rules both on the road and in the school grounds.  A bike shed is provided.
Students are not required to purchase textbooks.  Textbooks are provided through a text book hire scheme - an annual fee is charged to cover purchase and normal wear and tear of textbooks - any malicious damage or loss of a textbook will result in your being accountable for the depreciated cost of that text.    Book hire fees are included in the general levy which is payable before the start of term 1 when students purchase their stationery.
Buses are provided for students who live in the following areas:
  • Mathinna
  • Fingal
  • Cornwall
  • Bicheno
  • Coles Bay
  • Four Mile Creek
  • Falmouth
  • Scamander
  • Beaumaris

You can contact the Bus Contractor for information regarding bus stops and pick-up times:

CORNWALL:  Franklin Coaches - Phone (03) 6376 1234

Calows Coaches - Phone (03) 6376 2161 or click here for their website.

(Please read the Bus Code Of Behaviour.pdf


If there are to be any changes to a students bus travel arrangements it is imperative that a signed note be brought to the office so that bus lists can be adjusted accordingly.  Buses do not leave the the school grounds in the afternoon until all students have been marked off bus lists.    If you have any questions about the buses or wish to make arrangements for your child to catch a bus other than their normal bus, please contact Ros Smith on (03) 6372 3900.  Some of the buses are quite full and we need to ensure that we are not allowing buses to leave our school overloaded.




The Commonwealth Bank provides a Student Banking service every Tuesday. Primary students’ bank books will be collected from their classrooms.    

Secondary Students can leave their bank books at the office before school.

New account packs are available from the office.


We expect children to either bring lunch to school, go home for lunch or buy from the canteen.  Lunch orders are taken at the beginning of each day for all students.  They are delivered to the primary classrooms at the beginning of lunch.  Secondary students collect their lunches from the canteen at lunch time.  The canteen offers a wide variety of lunches.  Canteen price lists are published Newsletter and lists can be collected from the office at other times.
The following people are available for counselling students:
-           Teaching staff
-           Principal, Assistant Principals and Senior Staff
-           School Psychologist  - T.B.C.
-           Social Worker – Mel Petterwood
-           My Education Co-ordinator -  Karen Bramich
You will be informed if an important matter is raised.  Should you wish to contact any of the above, please do not hesitate to do so, they can be contacted through the school office. 
The basis of this is that students should be largely responsible for their own behaviour.  Should your child’s behaviour be unacceptable, you will be contacted.  This important area of school life is constantly under review and your input is valued.
Students who are either unwell or injured at school fall under First Aid Protocols developed by the school and St Marys Community Health Centre.    First Aid may include:
  • Treatment by the school-based first aid officers
  • Parent advice
  • Transport by ambulance to the local Health Centre.
Full medicals and immunizations are carried out by doctors who visit the school.  The immunisations are coordinated by the Break O’Day Council.  
School policy recommends that all adult volunteers who work with children will need to undergo a good character check.  Department of Education Policy requires the following: volunteer categories to undergo a Good Character Check plus Working with Children check (this is done through Service Tasmania)
 Good Character Check Application Forms are available at the school office and checks are completed at no cost to applicants.   Once the good character check is performed, applicants will be mailed directly by the Department of Education.  A copy of this letter must be provided to the school by the applicant.
Students are encouraged at St Marys District School to complete some homework.  To assist making homework productive and relevant and to promote a conscientious application to set homework, the following procedures could help:
·         Encourage students to talk about their work;
·         Provide an adequate area for private study eg  a desk or table;
·         Read comments written by teachers on previous homework; this can help you discuss problem areas with your child;
·         Encourage first drafts and feel free to offer assistance at this stage;
Most important of all, perhaps, is to see the subject teacher concerned if you are worried about any aspect of your child’s homework.
The three houses in the school are:
v    Duncan (Red)
v    Blackwood (Green)
v    Dalmain (Blue)
Family members usually belong to the one house with other students being randomly placed into the houses.
Tasmanian School Entry Immunisation Requirements
When you first enrol your child in school, you’ll be asked to provide information about your child’s immunisation history. This should be in the form of one of the following:
·         your child’s health record book
·         an immunisation history statement from the Health Insurance Commission
·         a statutory declaration stating what immunisations your child has received, or the reasons your child cannot be immunised
·         a statutory declaration stating that you have not immunised your child because you object to child immunisation
·         Statutory declarations can be obtained from the school or the Department of Health and Human Services.
You’ll only need to provide this information once at the time of enrolment. Any changes to your child’s immunisation status can be noted on the annual validation form, which will be sent home to you in Term 1. You do not need to provide proof of further immunisations after the first enrolment.
An information booklet containing a schedule of immunisations and statutory declaration forms is available from the office.
Students who arrive at school after 8.50 am should have a note written by a parent indicating the reason and must report on arrival at the front office before going to class.  They must sign-in so that they are not marked absent for the day.
Students who leave St Marys District School must obtain a Leaver’s Form from the office and obtain a clearance from all their subject teachers and the school administration.  Students are required to advise us of the name and location of their new school
Secondary students who need to leave the school grounds during the day must have a note giving parental permission stating the reason for leaving the school site, date and parent contact number.  This must be countersigned by the Principal, Assistant Principal or AST.  This is shown to Admin Staff prior to signing out.   No student permitted to leave school at recess.
In the primary area, found items should be placed in the Lost Property Box.
Secondary students who find items should hand them in at the office   Please ensure your child’s clothing and equipment is clearly named.
The policy has been developed due to:
·         The negative effect that mobile phones are having on student learning;
·         Increased bullying and harassment through the use of mobile phones.
·         B.Y.O.D. Policy for learning

The school office is open from 8.15 to 3.45 for general enquiries.  Parents may visit or telephone 6372 3900 during these hours.    Students wishing to buy stationery from the office may do so before school or at recess or lunch time.
The St Marys District School Association will provide a parent voice in the operation of both the St Marys and Fingal Campus.  All parties are automatically members of the School Association, unless they specifically ask not to be included.  The functions of the Association are to participate in the formulation of school beliefs and values, to provide advice in the management of the school and to foster co-operation among parents, teachers, students and the general community
The fully enclosed School Pool is used for school swimming carnivals as well as Swimming and Water Safety Programs.  The School Association also run a Birth - 4 Learn to Swim Program, usually during the Summer Holiday period.  The pool is also open for public hire during non-school hours running from early September till the end of May of the following year, information regarding the use and hire costs of the pool are available at the main office or call 6372 3900 – a current CPR certificate is one of the requirements.
The School Association runs an Op Shop with volunteer assistance in behind the Town Hall on the Main Street of St Marys and welcomes new volunteers.
When visiting the school, parents are requested to park down the driveway of the school.  You may drop off students in the turning circle, but please avoid this when buses are there. 
Should the details recorded on your child’s file alter, please inform the school office.  Such information may include: changes of address, parental custody, contact phone number, health and medical information.  At the beginning of each year, parents will be required to complete an Annual Validation Form.   Further information regarding this form is available from the Education Department’s brochure “For Parents, Guardians and independent students: Your guide to the annual validation form”, available from the school office.
Lost property is held at the school office. Please ensure that all personal property is named clearly.  Whilst all normal precautions will be taken by the staff, we cannot accept responsibility for personal property unless it is placed in our custody. For example, money, watches etc should be deposited with the PE staff before a PE lesson or sporting event and collected afterwards.   Valuables may also be left at the office to be looked after during the day.  Sporting equipment can be left in the care of the Principal, Assistant Principal, or AST.  Students are responsible for looking after their school equipment, stationery, books etc and are liable to be charged for any losses, breakages or damages.
A Statement of the Responsibilities of Members in the School Community:
All members of St Marys District School have shared responsibility to ensure there is no bullying.  We all share the responsibility to abstain from bullying others in any form this applies to learners, staff, parents and other members of the school community. Bullying can occur in various forms and will not be tolerated.
All members of the school community have an obligation to prevent bullying in any form. 
By-standers who do nothing to help a person being bullied are bullies themselves.  By the time someone is willing to tell someone about bullying, they may have done everything to try and stop it.
We have a responsibility to ensure that:
·         Be safe
·         Be Respectful
·         Be a Learner
Secondary Student Leaders are elected at the end of the preceding year.  These students are eligible to nominate for a position only after submitting an application to the Principal.  Students are encouraged to put forward their ideas and beliefs to students prior to the whole school election.  The Student leadership Group consists of year 10’s meeting on a weekly basis.  
Student leaders are responsible for numerous activities and fund raising efforts around the school and in the wider community.  They are expected to be appropriate role models to all students and represent the school and themselves to the highest standard.  Some of the activities Student Leaders co-ordinate include:      Primary, secondary and inter-school socials
·         House competitions
·         Theme days
·         Assemblies
·         Peer mentoring
·         Community Service
Student Leadership opportunities will be made available in the Primary sectors.  Responsibilities may include:
·         Primary Socials
·         organised sport on the oval at lunchtimes
STAS (assistance) is available for parents experiencing financial difficulty in making payments for books and levies.  Enquiries can be made at school.   Students new to the state may be able to apply throughout the year.