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Announcements: Oral Health Services Tasmania


Oral Health Services Tasmania




The Mobile Dental Unit is Returning to St Marys


The Mobile Dental Unit is returning to St Marys for fourteen weeks starting from Monday 6 February through to Friday 11 May 2012.


A Dental Therapist will be working in the Mobile Dental Unit (MDU) providing services to children 0 to 17 years of age. Parents will be notified by mail if their child’s exam is due and ring to make an appointment in the mobile facility which will be sited at the rear of the St Marys CHC.  The number to ring for an appointment in St Marys is 6372 2488, this number will be operational from the 6th of February. The Mobile Dental Unit will continue to visit to provide service until funding is secured for the new dental clinic at St Marys CHC.


In the meantime children’s dental services can be accessed at any of the Oral Health Services Clinics in the northern region including St Helens, Campbell Town or Kelham Street in Launceston.  The telephone contact details are as follows:



Northern Dental Clinic

Kelham Street,

South Launceston                   6336 4100


St Helens Dental Clinic - St Helens Hospital

Circassion Street

St Helens                                 6376 5208


Campbell Town Dental Clinic - Campbell Town District Hospital

High Street                              6381 1042




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